Holiday Gifts for the Refined Tea Drinker

Do you have a tea connoisseur in the family, or a friend who truly appreciates the art of fine tea? At Arogya Tea we have some very distinguished teas and specialty teaware that any discerning tea drinker will love. With the holidays coming up, check out our recommendations for the refined tea drinker.

Artisan Tea & Teaware Gifts

Liji Pu’er Cake

Farmed with traditional, bio-dynamic techniques, Liji Pu’er tea is made from the leaves of ancient tea trees. Unlike most monoculture tea farms, Liji cultivates its tea trees in a biodiverse tea forest. This method not only delivers an amazing pu’er tea, but it also provides greater nutrients in the tea and helps preserve and nourish the natural environment.

We offer authentically crafted pu’er in various shapes and formats, but for a truly special gift, we recommend a 360g Pu’er Cake. You can choose from either a Raw Pu’er Cake or a Dark Pu’er Cake. Raw Pu’er is naturally fermented and in its younger phase brews a super smooth, slightly floral, almost green tasting brew with incredible depth. Over time, the tea leaves age producing a darker and deeper brew. The Raw Pu’er Cake is a great option for tea collectors because with time it only gets better.

Dark Pu’er cakes are fermented in a special chamber that speeds up the fermentation process, simulating the process that naturally occurs over time with the raw pu’er. This lets you enjoy pu’er tea as if it were decades old. Dark pu’er makes a deep, dark, smooth, earthy brew, that’s unlike any other tea.

Whether raw, or dark, pu’er tea is naturally digestive and has some incredible health benefits. Shop our entire collection of Pu’er Tea.

Yixing Tea Pot

These little unglazed clay teapots are a wonderful gift for tea lovers. They are designed to be used for one specific kind of tea, usually Oolong or Pu’er. Over time, the flavors of the tea saturate the clay, which enhances the taste of your tea, delivering a very special infusion. A well-seasoned yixing pot is a prized personal item, because only time, and countless cups of tea, can bring that extra depth and enjoyment to your favorite tea. Read more about this tiny but mighty teapot.

Arogya’s Exceptional Artisan Teas

Our Artisan Teas have been selected by Wei Bertram for their superb taste, authentic terroir, and exquisite craftsmanship. Directly imported from small, traditional farms, they exemplify the art of Chinese tea production. Find these exceptional teas at Arogya and shop our entire collection in our online store.