Exceptional Teas from our Collection

If you are looking for a truly spectacular and unique artisan tea, here are four exceptional teas from our collection. These represent note-worthy highlights that are not to be missed!

Handcrafted & Aged Teas for Tea Connoisseurs

exceptional teas: raw pu'er2010 Liji Raw Pu’er 李记熟砖

A traditional pu’er tea produced by a 4th generation artisan tea family. Wild tealeaves from the Jinggu region of Yunnan are handpicked and carefully fermented. With almost ten years of natural fermentation, this exemplary Raw Liji Pu’er is mildly sweet, light yet rich, with a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel.

2013 Liji “Red” Dark Pu’er 熟普散茶exceptional teas: Red pu'er

An extraordinary pu’er from the head tea master of Liji Gu Zhuang. This exceptional loose leaf Red pu’er tea is a contemporary interpretation of the ancient pu’er tradition. Crafted in the style of a black tea – which is known as “red tea” in Chinese – this tea has the taste of a fine black tea, with the depth and body that only pu’er teas provide. A truly unique variety of dark pu’er tea.

Read more about this tea here.

exceptional teas: aged Gong Fu2012 Vintage Gong Fu Black 功夫红茶

This decadent Vintage Gong Fu is a very special hand-rolled black tea from the Fujian Province. Aging has made this fragrant black tea more complex and refined, with subtle flavors that enchant the palate. The rich liquor delivers unfurling layers of aroma and finishes with sweet, velvety notes of apricot and chocolate. This is a limited production tea so be sure to try it while it is still in stock.

Exceptional Teas: Zhengshan Xiaozhong Zhengshan Xiaozhong 烟熏武夷红茶

For fans of our Bohea Lapsong or single malt Scotch whiskey, this artisan Zhengshan Xiaozhong tea is a delight! Produced in the Wuyi mountains, these small tea buds are hand-picked and then slowly roasted over pine wood using traditional methods. Though similar to a smokey Bohea Lapsong, this fine tea is more complex and refined, with smooth, earthy, and chocolate notes.