Tulsi, an Herb for Everyday Health and Stamina

With so many delicious and healing herbs in the world it would be hard for me to choose a single favorite, but without a doubt Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, would be high up on the list. Lately, Tulsi has been an herb of choice for my morning quart of tea, which I feel helps me get through the day with ease and sustained energy. If you haven’t tried Tulsi, which we feature in our Calming De-Stress and Detox blends, the taste is reminiscent of mint, clove and fennel. With a delightful aroma and a host of medicinal properties, Tulsi is a wonderful herb to get to know.

Traditional Significance of Tulsi

Tulsi is natiBenefits of Tulsive to the Indian subcontinent and has been used medicinally for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, Tulsi is considered an elixir of life and is believed to promote longevity. In the ancient language of Sanskrit Tulsi means “the incomparable one.”  It’s revered as a sacred, healing herb and grown in front of many Indian homes for protection. It is said that eating five Tulsi leaves a day protects one from all disease. At Arogya we love Tulsi Leaf for its soothing taste, calming effect, and stamina-increasing properties.

Healing Properties of Tulsi

One of Tulsi’s most beloved characteristics is that is it an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of herbs including Ginseng, Cordyceps, Rhodiola, and Schisandra that help the body respond to external stress in a healthy way. Over time, adaptogens modulate the stress response so that when stress is experienced the body is more resilient and the mind more calm. Adaptogens do this by regulating and reducing cortisol production in moments of anxiety, physical or emotional stress.

In our modern culture adaptogens are especially helpful as we are consistently confronted with stress of one kind or another. With the help of adaptogens like Tulsi, you develop an increased ability to withstand stress and thus have more energy to keep going throughout the day. Tulsi is a wonderful adaptogen because, unlike others, it isn’t too stimulating so it can be enjoyed anytime, even at night. I enjoy drinking Tulsi tea regularly, which I find helps me adapt to the stresses of daily life without feeling drained or burned out.

Tulsi Medicinal TeasEmerging clinical studies are examining and confirming many of Tulsi’s additional health benefits, which include: supporting respiratory function and immune function, cleansing the blood and liver, reducing inflammation, reducing adverse affects of radiation, and balancing blood glucose levels. It’s no wonder Tulsi is found in both our Calming De-Stress Blend, formulated to support the nervous system and regulate the stress response, and Detox Blend, a cleansing herbal tea that supports the detoxification process (read more in our blog post about Detox Blend).

Curious about Tulsi? Come by our teashop to sample some of our blends featuring this amazing herb. You can also check out these healing blends on our website.

by Chloe Bolton