A Tea to Help You Detox Both Body & Mind

According to the ancient practice of Chinese medicine, optimal health is achieved when five metaphorical elements that exist within the body ­ wood, fire, earth, metal, and water­ are in harmony.  Spring, which is finally around the corner, is associated with wood.  It’s considered a time for us to grow and aspire upwards while maintaining a rooted foundation and a sense of flexibility.  To do sArogya Detox HEALING BLEND Side editedo, Chinese medicine emphasizes the importance of supporting our liver functioning in order to keep the body’s energy free flowing and abundant.  One sure way to nourish our being is through detoxification of the body by eating clean foods and drinking plenty of fluids.  Cleansing teas, like our special healing Arogya Detox blend are also perfect for internal spring­-cleaning.

Here’s why:

Our 100% organic Detox tea is a tension taming yet uplifting tonic of tulsi (aka Holy Basil), spearmint, rose hips, lemon myrtle, and linden blossoms. Here’s a bit more about these healing ingredients:

Tulsi, also referred to as Holy Basil or ocimum tenuiflorum, is from the Lamiaceae plant family and native to South Asia.  It’s an adaptogenic plant that’s been considered an “elixir of life” for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for it’s ability to help improve digestive function and calm the nervous system. Maintaining balance of the body’s systems, or homeostasis, is an essential for detoxification and supporting immunity.  Tulsi is also used in herbalism to provide relief from the common cold, flu, bronchial irritation, stomach upset, and headaches.  Emerging Diabetes related research suggests that tulsi may improve pancreatic beta cell function and, as a result, enhance insulin secretion.

Spearmint, whose scientific name is menthe spicata, is a lovely smelling and tasting, calming herb that’s high in antioxidants and has some anti­fungal activity.  Not only can it alleviate gas and other digestive ailment, but also provides soothing relief for sore throat, cramps, and even headaches.Rose hips

Rose hips are the red fruit of the rosebush, the woody perennial of the genus rosa.  These cherry-­sized little bulbs are located just below the flower’s petals and contain the plant’s seeds.  They’re used in herbalism to soothe stomach spasms and digestive irregularity and acid deficiency.  Did you know that fresh rose hips, which are often used turned into a jam or syrup, contain more vitamin C than citrus?

Lemon mytle, whose scientific name is backhousia citriodora, is a fragrant flowering plant indigenous to Queensland, Australia.  It’s the highest natural source of citral, giving it strong antimicrobial yet non­acidic qualities.  For this reason, it’s believed to help cut digestive acidity.

Last but not least are linden blossoms, which come from tilia, or the lime tree.  Linden blossoms offer a strong dose of antioxidant acting flavonoids and can provide relief from the common cold, cough, fever, infections, and inflammation.  It’s also a mild diuretic, meaning it increases urine production, something ideal for detoxing.  Evidence also suggests that linden blossom tea or extracts are antispasmodic and can calm digestive irritation.

Come and visit us in our teashop to sample a warm cup of Arogya Detox!  And remember, taking your time to sip and enjoy a cup of any tea is balancing for our whole being each and every moment…