Teaware 101: Glass Teapots, Modern yet Ancient

What today seems like the most modern addition to the world of teaware, with thin, tempered, and double walled varieties, glass teaware in fact has an ancient history. Glass Teapot Flowering TeaDuring the Tang Dynasty in China (618-906), glass tea items were already in production. However, during this time glass teaware was made in small batches, and more for artistic enjoyment. With innovations in glass making both before and during the Industrial Revolution, glass teaware became more popular as production cost lessened. Today glass teaware manufacturers like Bodum,  Forlife, and Eva Solo make some of the most modern and sophisticated teaware available. We love these teaware brands and feature them in both our Westport, CT shop and online store (check them out here).

Glass teaware is beautiful because you can watch the unfurling of the tea leaves and closely observe the color of_MG_8715 your brew. As you get to know a particular tea, the color of the broth will alert you to when the steeping time has reached perfection. One of the most exquisite teas to enjoy in a glass teapot is Goddess of Tiny Blossoms, which displays an elegant, blossoming tea flower (read more about this visually dazzling tea in our recent blog post).

Though glass teaware offers some of the most modern and sleek designs, the one limitation is that glass does not retain heat well. At Arogya Tea we use glass teapots to showcase our teas of the day, and keep them warm over a cast-iron candle warmer. In this way we can linger over a pot of tea, while enjoying the distinct color of the tea. This, however, is not an issue for brewing iced tea, for which glass teapots are excellent vessels.


By Chloe Bolton