Goddess of Tiny Blossoms

My deep appreciation for tea began when I was a child growing up in China. There tea has been an integral part of everyday life for centuries. My parents would drink tea throughout the day, taking pause to savor each cup. My father’s favorite tea has always been classic dragon well green tea, while my mother prefers jasmine green. Jasmine also holds a special place in my heart. I love its aroma and the story of how the flower’s blossoms are infused with green or white tea leaves many times to receive the most potent flavor yet without any other additives. Jasmine’s aroma opens one’s senses and is believed to help promote a sense of security and mental acuity. Likewise, its subtly sweet scent has a romantic allure. When married with green tea, jasmine reinforces tea’s cancer and inflammation fighting antioxidants and flavonoids.

Arogya Goddess of Tiny Blossoms Blooming Tea

I was reminded of my childhood when I first came across this  Goddess of Tiny Blossoms tea a few years ago. This blooming tea, which blends my parents’ favorites, is a true work of art and celebration of nature. To me, it is also a reminder to slowdown and savor the present moment, something that can be so important to do during the holiday season.

To make each Goddess of Tiny Blossom tea ball, green tealeaves are hand-sewn together and wrapped around a glorious amaranth blossom with Jasmine flowers. Once infused in hot water, the little buds unfurl and blossom towards the top of the teapot. Dazzling to the senses and delicious in its sweet yet grounded floral palate, this tea is an experience to behold and share with others. Like the dawn of a new day, these jasmine flowers can help to balance the body and mind by creating clarity and sense of joy.

You can find Goddess of Tiny Blossoms on our website or at our store in Westport, CT.

By Wei Bertram

Photos by Chloe Bolton