If You’re not Perfect then Yoga is for You

Starting a yoga practice can raise a lot of emotions, especially when trying to sync your busy life with a studio’s class schedule; it might never feel like the right time. The idea of walking into a yoga class full of strangers when you don’t know the difference between child’s pose and downward facing dog can be discouraging. Private one-on-one sessions can help start to build a basic foundation, reconnect with your deepest self and learn to carry that out into the world to share. Maybe your goal is to one day feel comfortable attending those yoga classes or to tap into a meditative practice, maybe it’s to learn inversions and take your practice to the next level. The possibilities are endless with private yoga lessons.

Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga for Athletes

Professional athletic teams (Mets, Brooklyn Nets, and Seahawks) have all given credit to yoga for keeping their players healthy by adding it into their weekly regiment to loosen their muscles and prevent game day injuries. With the proper sequencing, mobility and flexibility can be achieved by any athlete, which over time results in fluid body movement.


Yoga for Kidsyoga for kids

Not all kids love to attend camp. This summer be creative, treat them to yoga lessons! It’s a creative and fun way to build healthy habits at a young age. Practicing yoga can lead to invaluable coping mechanisms for everyday stress and lower anxiety, creating an overall sense of calm. Keeping it fun and light, yoga benefits all ages.

Yoga for Injury Recovery

There is no quick fix for someone who has a physical injury. It takes time, consistency and patience which are important properties of any practice. Similar to physical therapy, we focus on the injured area to slowly build muscle and improved movement preventing long term chronic pain.


Yoga for Beginnersyoga for beginners

Private yoga makes a new practitioner feel comfortable learning the basic movements, while simultaneously building up confidence. The poses are broken down step-by-step guaranteeing the clients safety and correct form. Important aspects of the practice that are hard to accomplish in a group setting. The instructor works around your schedule and creates sequences to help you accomplish all your physical goals.


Private Yoga Classes

Deepen the Practice

Private lessons are beneficial for advanced practitioners by allowing them to explore a more challenging sequence in a safe manner. Through in-depth planning and constructive feedback, your instructor will help you reach the desired next level. Private lessons are a safe and fun way to grow a stronger practice.


By Tracy Ambrosecchio, RYT