Meet your Wellness Goals with an Arogya Tea Cleanse!

Tea plays an important role in everyday healing and wellness. That’s why we created a new line of Tea Cleanses to help you achieve your wellness goals, through the power of tea. These 4-week cleanses target a few areas: weight loss, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, stress, sugar detoxing, and reducing caffeine consumption.

The beauty of a tea cleanse is that it is easy, enjoyable, and effective. It effortlessly helps you on your path of wellness and makes you feel better, which inspires healthier choices. These cleanses are most effective when combined with healthy eating, exercise, acupuncture, and massage. However, even on their own, the tea cleanses help the body align with health and wellness.

Arogya Healing Tea Cleanses

Each tea cleanse includes traditional teas, herbal tisanes, and medicinal blends, chosen for their specific healing properties. Every day of the cleanse offers three different, individually bagged teas, and every week the menu of daily teas changes to support the evolving phases of the healing process.

Here’s a look at the 4-week tea cleanses we are currently offering:

  • Anti-Aging Tea Cleanse
  • Weight Loss Tea Cleanse
  • Anti-Stress Tea Cleanse
  • Sugar Detox Tea Cleanse
  • Anti-Inflammatory Tea Cleanse
  • Coffee to Tea Cleanse

4-Week Anti-Aging Tea Cleanse

Anti-Aging Cleanse

Drinking tea not only calms and soothes the emotions but can also help organs function better by ridding the body of toxins, which in turn benefits the condition of your skin.

In our 4-week anti-aging program, you will enjoy a varying menu of daily teas that are rich in antioxidants, boost the metabolism, improve digestion, cut cravings, and enhance overall well-being. The rejuvenating menu of alkalizing, high-antioxidant, and energy-sustaining teas and herbs will add a dimension of health and vitality to your daily life.

4-Week Weight Loss Tea Cleanse

Weight Loss Cleanse

In our 4-week weight loss program you will enjoy a varying menu of teas that promote weight-loss, boost the metabolism, improve digestion, cut cravings, and enhance well-being.

As a holistic weight-loss aid, this diverse menu of daily teas supports the body and mind during this healing process. This specifically chosen selection will help you shift to more positive lifestyle choices that support your health, well-being, and weight-loss goals.

4-Week Anti-Stress Tea Cleanse

Anti-Stress Cleanse

Our 4-week anti-stress program features a menu of delicious, caffeine-free teas designed to help you unwind, harmonize your mood, and promote deeper, more restful sleep.

Over four weeks, this cleanse will guide you to transform your daily routine with soothing teas. Each cup is a gentle reminder to breathe, focus on the present, and naturally let go of any stress weighing you down.

4-Week Sugar Detox Tea Cleanse

Sugar Detox Cleanse

Quitting sugar isn’t easy. But our 4-week sugar detox tea program will help smooth the process, as well as provide you with a new routine of delicious and health-promoting teas. Our carefully selected artisan teas work effectively on their own, or perfectly compliment Sarah Wilson’s sugar detox program.

Instead of simply depriving yourself of sweets, our tea program provides you with something healthy and satisfying to enjoy throughout the day, that will bring calm and energy to your whole being. The menu of daily teas accompanies the phases of the sugar detox process. This includes easing side effects, managing cravings, boosting energy, promoting detoxification, and re-balancing the body and mind.

4-Week Anti-Inflammatory Tea Cleanse

Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse

The 4-week anti-inflammatory program features a menu of three daily teas designed to promote longevity, wellness, and vitality. This selection of healing teas also reduces factors that contribute to aging such as stress, inflammation, and acidity of the blood.

The teas included in this program are antioxidant-rich and some feature powerful adaptogens that work to counteract the harmful effects of stress and inflammation in the body.

4-Week Coffee to Tea Cleanse

Coffee to Tea Cleanse

The coffee-to-tea signature cleanse is designed to detox your body in stages and reduce your dependence on caffeine. You will start with a caffeinated tea and as the weeks progress, the caffeine concentrations will decrease. Each day of this program includes teas intended to support your mind and body while your caffeine consumption is slowly reduced.

Read more about revamping your routine with our Coffee-to-Tea Cleanse.