Year of the Earth Pig

Happy Chinese New Year! This year we celebrate a new cycle in the Chinese zodiac: the Year of the Earth Pig. They say this year is going to be better than the last as the Pig attracts success in all areas of life. Although the Pig is not the luckiest of animals in the Chinese zodiac, it represents prosperity, the joy to live, and optimism so this year will be a time of abundance, a good year for investments, and a time to really enjoy life with more ease and happiness. While the Pig knows how to enjoy life, he is also disciplined and diligent. The earth element complements Pig energy with a sense of depth, stability, nurturing, and balance.

The Pig is a kind, gentle, and generous animal. This year invites us to foster these qualities in our own lives and relationships. With Pig energy on our side, altruistic actions and initiatives will be favored, and new friendships and love may flourish.

This year’s animal and element are both characterized by Yin energy, so the Earth Pig year is a wonderful time to go within, reflect, meditate, and gain new perspectives. Maybe this is the year to begin or deepen your daily meditation practice?

Like all Chinese zodiac signs, the Pig has a shadow side. With a vibrant imagination, the year of the Pig can bring lots of dreams. Don’t stay solely in the realm of dreams and forget to take action. The kind Pig can also be naive, which means he can be taken advantage of, so be aware of this tendency so you don’t become an easy target. The Pig can also overindulge in food, however, luckily the earth element helps to bring balance in this regard, so just be mindful of your relationship to food this year so you can enjoy it in a healthful way.

All in all, the Earth Pig is a year to truly celebrate and enjoy life, spend time with people you love and give thanks for the abundance and prosperity in your life.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!