Top 5 Teas for Kids

Many children love tea, especially if it’s something they’ve grown up drinking. However, it’s never too late to introduce your kids to the world of tea. These time-tested, kid-approved teas are regularly requested by the children in our community, both at our shop and the Westport Farmer’s Market. Learn more about the taste and benefits of these wonderful teas for kids.

Kid-Friendly Teas: Delightful Blends for the Whole Family

teas for kids

Banana Chamomile

This naturally sweet, calming, and comforting tea features chamomile, coconut, banana, and rooibos. If a banana tea sounds odd to you, don’t be dissuaded! This is one of our best-selling teas for both kids and adults thanks to its honeyed aroma and soothing effects. It’s a wonderful after dinner tea, perfect for calming nervous digestion, stomach aches, as well as stress and anxiety.

teas for kids

Blood Orange Pear

This citrusy-sweet herbal blend is featured in several local restaurants where adults and kids enjoy it hot or iced. It’s made from a blend of dried fruits and hibiscus, which makes a ruby red, naturally sweet-yet-tart tea for the whole family.

teas for kids

Berry Blend

Made with hibiscus and dried berries, including immune-boosting elderberry, this fruity tea is perfect for kids. A powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants, it makes a wholesome treat iced or hot. You can also make a more concentrated brew and add seltzer and lime for a super spritzer.

teas for kids

Vanilla Rooibos

A harmonious blend of smooth vanilla with rich and sweet rooibos makes this herbal tea an absolute delight. This is a great tea to introduce less fruity teas to your children, and it is naturally sweet so doesn’t require honey or sugar. Plus, rooibos has a high antioxidant content and has been traditionally used in South Africa to soothe colicky babies, relieve teething gums, and promote better sleep.

teas for kids

Coconut White Tea

White tea has high levels of anti-oxidants and very low levels of caffeine, so while this is not a good evening option for children, it’s a great tea for a daytime treat. Made with dried coconut, white tea, and flower petals, this makes a flavorful and satisfying drink, both hot and cold.

Photos & Text by Chloe Bolton