The Male Guide to Drinking Tea

For many Americans, tea drinking is commonly associated with tea parties with floral place settings or women sitting around drinking high tea in extravagant hats and fancy attire. In other countries around the world, however, there is no perceived femininity of tea. In fact, tea has a very male-dominated history.

Men in China, Japan, and India have been brewing tea for thousands of years to reap its incredible health benefits and enjoy its natural flavors. Japanese Samurai, for instance, turned tea drinking into a ceremonial tradition while discussing important matters of state, which eventually became a tradition that is still used today.


Tea for Men’s Health

So, why should men drink tea? The health benefits of drinking tea are universal. Both men and women can benefit from the antioxidants in tea, called polyphenols, that help regulate blood pressure, body fat, liver function, and other bodily functions.

Tea contains important components for maintaining men’s health (including preventing prostate cancer), protecting against heart disease (a major killer of men), and fighting overweight/obesity (32% percent of men).  Drinking tea is an effortless way to boost your health, energy, and overall vitality.


Our Top Tea Picks for Men

Below is a user-friendly guide listing the main tea types, their benefits, our professional suggestions for each type, and the caffeine levels of each tea.


Emerald Mountain Green TeaGreen Tea

Green Tea is the oldest form of tea and a top favorite for many due to its sharp flavor profile. Loaded with antioxidants and healing properties, green tea makes an ideal morning beverage to kickstart the day.

Caffeine Content: Medium-High

Suggestion: Emerald Mountain, Ceremonial Grade Matcha


Assam TeaBlack Tea

Black Teas are a staple in the tea community and generally have the highest amounts of caffeine. Black tea is a great option for someone transitioning from coffee to tea.

Caffeine Content: High

Suggestion: LapsangAssam


Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea finds itself between green and black teas in terms of caffeine content, the color of the leaves, and oxidation level. Oolong provides a layered and complex flavor profile and is ideal for men who have a hard time focusing or concentrating in the middle of the day. We recommend it as an afternoon pick-me-up beverage.

Caffeine Content: Medium-High

Suggestion: Da Hong Pao, Tieguanyin Oolong


Pu'er TeaPu’er Tea

Pu’er Tea is by far the most unique tea type in our collection. Pu’er can be in a loose leaf form or compressed into a “cake,” brick, or other shape. Pu’er needs to be rinsed once before brewing to help bring out the earthy, rich flavor profile. Just like wine, this tea gets better with age.

Caffeine Content: High

Suggestion: Dark Liji Pu’er, Dark Pu’er Ginger


Buckwheat Herbal TeaHerbal Tea

Herbal Teas are always 100% caffeine free. These versatile, healing teas can help with anything from sleep to digestion to stress and much more. Many of our healing tea blends contain Chinese medicinal herbs and adaptogens.

Caffeine Content: None

Suggestion: Dark Buckwheat Tea Bags, Deep Relaxation


By: Tracy Ambrosecchio, RYT