The Male Guide to Drinking Tea

When the word “tea” is heard our thoughts naturally go to tea parties with floral place settings or women sitting around drinking high tea in extravagant hats with fancy attire when in fact tea has a very male-dominant history. Men in China, Japan, and India have been brewing tea for thousands of years while reaping its health benefits and also enjoying its natural flavors. Japanese Samurai’s, for instance, turned tea drinking into a ceremonial tradition while discussing important matters of state, eventually becoming a tradition that is still used today. Which is what prompted us to write this blog.

That brings us to why should men drink tea? Tea contains important components for maintaining men’s health (including preventing prostate cancer), protecting against heart disease (a major killer of men), and fighting overweight/obesity (32% percent of men). Tea is rich in an antioxidant, called polyphenols, that help regulate blood pressure, body fat, liver function, and other bodily functions. t’s an effortless way to boost your health, energy, and raise your vibrations by connecting with the gifts provided by nature. Below is a user-friendly guide of tea types, their benefits, the caffeine levels and our professional suggestions for each type.

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