Oolong Bomb – a Powerful Way to Brew Oolong Tea

At Arogya we have been drinking what we call the “Oolong bomb”. It is inspired by gong-fu style preparation and creates a powerful brew, ideal for enhancing focus and productivity. In China, Oolong tea is well-known for its concentration-enhancing effects, which is why it is a favorite tea of students and executives alike. A normal cup of Oolong contains one teaspoon of tea leaves for an 8 oz. cup. The Oolong Bomb contains twice the amount of tea leaves with half the water.

The Oolong tea leaves are rinsed with hot water, and then brewed at a slightly lower temperature, around 185˚ F for 4 minutes. What ensues is a potent, espresso-like shot of concentrated and robust Oolong tea. This is a great way to enjoy the taste, as well as the mental and physical benefits Oolong tea provides. Try brewing an Oolong Bomb before studying, meditating, or having a meeting.

How to Brew an Oolong Tea Bomb

To make an Oolong Bomb, use four generous teaspoons of your favorite Oolong tea. We used Da Hong Pao, a roasted and full-bodied Oolong.

Before brewing, rinse the tea leaves with hot water, then steep in low temperature water. For Da Hong Pao, which usually likes 200°F water, we used 185°F water. Let the tea steep for 4 minutes.

After steeping, pour the potent brew into your favorite cup.

Enjoy the concentration enhancing, metabolism boosting and delicious taste of the Oolong Bomb.

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by Chloe Bolton