Natural Migraine Remedies

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households include someone who experiences migraines, resulting in a shocking 12% of the population prone to headaches. There are countless causes of migraines and the side effects can be crippling. Many people don’t feel comfortable or satisfied with over the counter medication. Ease tension and headaches with these natural migraine remedies available at Arogya that can be used day or night.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has proven to benefit people with tension headaches. A heating pad, like Arogya’s natural Moxa Patchcan relax and release tense muscles. Warmed moxa helps increase the flow of qi (vital energy) opening any blockage that may be occurring in the body thus causing headaches. Long lasting and easy to use, these patches are ideal for traveling or a day recovering at home. The moxa patch can be placed at the base of the neck or directly on your trapezius to relieve tension.


Natural Migraine Remedies

Long Lasting Moxa Patch



Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that contain aromatic compounds from a variety of plants. Oils that contain menthol, such as Arogya’s Sinus & Headache blend,  help relax and ease muscles and open the nasal passages. Taking a deep, full inhale of the scent and applying a few drops onto your pressure points will keep your senses focused on the natural fragrance while sending a message to the rest of your body to let go.



Magnesium CBD Butter

People with migraines are more likely to be deficient in magnesium, an important mineral responsible for calming the body’s cells. Topical magnesium is a safe and effective way to get the benefits of magnesium and help reduce the frequency of your migraines. Try gently massage Arogya’s handmade Magnesium CBD+ Butter on the temples, nape of your neck and shoulders. The combination of CBD, whole hemp and essential oils will have a profound healing effect on the body.



By Tracy Ambrosecchio, RYT