Must-Have Home Remedies for Preventing and Treating Colds

It starts with the tiniest tickle in your throat or sinuses, then a wave of fatigue washes over you, and before you know your kids, your coworkers and you are all battling some sort of sniffling, congesting, and exhausting cold or infection. What can you do from the get-go to nip a winter cold in the bud? Here are some easy home remedies to help prevent the spread of infection, aid in recovery, and keep you healthy all winter long.

Easy Home Remedies for Colds

1) Cold & Flu Tea

As soon as you feel your immune system weakening brew a strong pot of Cold Support Tea and drink it throughout the day. This tea will strengthen and defend your reserves with a powerful blend of immune-boosting and antiseptic herbs. While Elder Flowers, Licorice Root, Fennel and Cinnamon combine to battle congestion, Calendula eases fever and Lime Blossoms calm the stomach. And of course, the time-honored Echinacea boosts the immune system to help you ward off and battle infection.

2) Jade Dragon – Cold Harmony Herbal Preparation

This is one of the best Chinese herbal formulas to have in your medicine cabinet when you start to feel sick. This ancient formula contains antiviral medicinal herbs ideal for treating the early stages of colds, as well as the accompanying symptoms of fatigue, body aches, sore throat, headache, and congestion. Take this herbal medicine the moment you start to wonder if you are getting sick.

3) Sinus & Headache Essential Oil Blend

Our Sinus & Headache essential oil blend contains Camphor, Eucalyptus, Menthol, and Rosemary, which synergistically relieve tension, congestion and headaches. If you’re starting to feel sinus congestion or a headache put a few drops of the essential oil blend in your hand, rub them together, bring them to the face and inhale deeply. Continue to rub the remaining oil onto the chest letting the aroma rise up to the nose. This will help keep your sinuses happy all day. Alternative options are a steam shower with a few drops in the corners of your tub or put a few drops of oil on a tissue and keep it in your pocket to use throughout the day. This too allows the decongesting and tension-relieving aroma to penetrate sinuses and the entire being.

4) Cold Preventing Teas

The only way to prevent oncoming colds and flu is by building the immune system, which should be worked on all year round. Adding immune boosting teas into your daily routine can be easy and tasty. Wild Harvest Jio Gu Lan, also known as the “Herb of Immortality,” is a wonderful powerhouse of an herbal tea. Easy to drink, given its naturally sweetened flavor, this tea can and should be consumed daily. If you enjoy savory over sweet, Turmeric Ginger is excellent and easy herbal immune boosting drink. Turmeric is a natural mood booster and anti-inflammatory helping promote circulation throughout the whole body. After all, maintaining a relaxed mind and body is one of the best ways to keep your immune system strong.

by Chloe Bolton