Stay Healthy and Heal Quickly with Cold & Flu Tea

Whenever I start to feel the slightest bit under the weather, I make myself an extra strong pot of Cold & Flu tea to drink throughout the day. I rarely get sick beyond one day of mild symptoms, and I credit this tea for helping to keep my body’s defenses strong, and for soothing the little tickles of sickness in my throat and sinuses. Keeping a bag of this tea on hand at home is one of my secret weapons for winter wellness.

This tea not only works wonders to keep sickness at bay, it also speeds up healing, soothes symptoms, and boosts your inner reserves when you’re in the midst of a case of the flu or a strong cold. I’m always reminded of this when every flu season, so many sniffing and coughing customers come into Arogya for our Cold & Flu tea. It’s a must have for times of weakened immunity, colds, and flus, and an essential remedy to keep on hand in your holistic home medicine cabinet.

This tea strengthens and defends your reserves with a powerful blend of immune-boosting, antimicrobial, and congestion fighting herbs. While this blend is definitely medicinal, it’s taste is sweet, soothing and pleasant. Check out the specific benefits of the masterfully blended herbs in Cold & Flu tea.

Licorice Root

• boosts immune system
• soothes irritation and inflammation in the            respiratory tract
• loosens congestion in the lungs allowing mucus to be cleared
• reduces coughing
• soothes sore throat

Echinacea Root

• boosts immune system
• reduces severity and duration of colds and flus
• helps prevent colds


• antimicrobial
• effective against flu virus
• lymphatic cleanser

Elder Flower

• boosts immune system
• antimicrobial
• reduces inflammation in sinuses and throat
• relieves fever
• reduces severity and duration of colds and flus


• anti-microbial
• helps prevent colds
• soothes sore throat
• reduces fever


• anti-inflammatory
• anti-bacterial
• boosts immune system

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By Chloe Bolton