Musings of an Acupuncturist, Part III

In today’s fast paced society, it’s ever more important to work at our own balance.  We need to go back and listen to ourselves.  We need to cultivate our own Qi, or vitality.  It’s also crucial to have a spiritual perspective, beyond the material realm, and do all the things that we know are good for us.  It’s then that we can really thrive and have abundant lives on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

       Acupuncture is one of the parts of the puzzle, whereas holistic health IS the puzzle we need to put together.  Because Life is holistic, it includes it all…and we are part of the all.  We are part of nature – we can’t help it, our whole existence is holistic.  We can’t not be…but we can make less thoughtful choices and do things that contribute to the destruction of the whole fabric and network of this beautiful expression of Life, this wonderful net of jewels.  We can also contribute to its beauty and improve ourselves and cultivate our own Qi, by letting that vital energy flow unimpeded and allow it to fill us with wonderful surprises that will ultimately contribute to our own evolution as a species, materially and spiritually.
       To do this, we need to get out of our own way.  And, acupuncture can help us do just
Many people have a “journey” while on the treatment table…they have profound insights when the needles are in and they are left to themselves.  They have a deep rest and are able to go back to the “source”, where we all came from, and which we were never apart from, but only lived like we were, believing that our lives are little but competition matches of materialism.  There is so much more to life, and Chinese medicine makes it possible to step closer to that realization! Of course there is additional work for us to do on ourselves for our own evolution, but acupuncture is helpful and can contribute to the process.
       Acupuncture takes away pain, creates clarity, deepens sleep, improves organ functioning and so much more, so we can have the time and energy to begin to live our lives differently. The silver lining in any pain or illness is that it eventually gets you to stop, think, and listen within, while noticing that something needs to change. At first the response may be just popping a pill because the message is annoying and inconvenient and you don’t have time to deal with it right now, but eventually the wisdom in that message won’t stop knocking until you really listen and begin to make some changes.  No one lives forever – we all are subject to death and change, as it is in the nature of all things on this planet…but we can go through the life process with GRACE and power, and allow old age to settle in as nature intended, and avoid accelerating the process through a destructive lifestyle.
We can then see that we are behind this great play of energy as well…that we are made up of the un-named and un-knowable that gives light to beingness and gives animation to all forms of expression.  When we realize that we are all connected to THAT, then we relax and we let life LIVE us…and trust that it knows much better than we do as tiny individuals…until then, let us take a deep breath, and do the work that we know we need to do to better ourselves and our planet.



by Gregor Bertram, M.S., DIPL. AC., LICENSED ACUPUNCTURIST 针灸治疗师 食疗专家