Love Blend: the Perfect Valentine’s Day Tea

To Arogya founder and tea master Wei Huang Bertram, creating a tea blend is a delicate, engaging, and multi-phased art.  The end result of this patient process is a delicious and intricately balanced brew that’s neither too strong nor too subtle, or too bitter or too sweet.

Love Blend

With the desire to create a tea that captures the essence of true love, Wei formulated Love Blend. True love is weightless and pure; it’s stable and strong, while also being beautifully subtle and peaceful. Love Blend embodies these qualities, with its soothing jasmine silver needle white tea and rosebuds. This delightful blend invokes the feeling of love in our hearts, and makes a perfect Valentine’s Day tea.

Exceptional Ingredients in Our Love Blend

Silver needle, or baihao yinzhen, is the most highly prized white tea in the world.  It is derived from a special variety of camellia sinesis called Da Bai, or big tea tree, which grows exclusively in higher elevation groves in the south eastern Chinese province of Fujian.

The name silver needle describes the shimmery down-covered top buds, or leaf shoots, which are hand-harvested in the early spring.  In fact, these esteemed buds are so delicate that the harvest only lasts a few days.  After being plucked, the buds are lightly oxidized with low-heat and then mixed with fresh jasmine flowers.  As a result, the silver needle buds become subtly infused with the fresh and floral aroma of jasmine, which beautifully complements the tea’s inherent honeysuckle flavor notes.    The minimal tea processing method preserves a great deal of the plant’s naturally occurring catechins, which are a type of disease-fighting flavonoids and antioxidants.

Rosebuds handpicked by Wei in Sichuan Province, China.

The vibrant pink-colored rosebuds in Love Blend were hand plucked by Wei on Mengdingshan mountain in Sichuan Province, China.  After the harvest, the buds were air dried and then lightly roasted in very low heat.  This slow and gradual dehydration process helps preserve the fresh, floral scent of each bud.  Sipping rosebud infused tea has a calming effect on the nervous system.  When married with jasmine silver needle, it adds another delicious and romantic floral note.

If you’d like to sample a cup of our Love Blend or pick up a bag for your loved one, come visit our holistic health center in Westport.  You can also check it out on our website.