How to Make a Pitcher of Cold Brew Iced Tea

We’ve made it easy for you to make your favorite Arogya iced teas this summer with our new Cold Brew Sachets. Featuring new and classic flavors, each sachet makes 2 quarts of cold brew iced tea.

Guide to Cold Brewing Iced Tea

Step 1: Start with your favorite iced tea.

You can use:
  • 1/2 ounce of any loose leaf tea in a paper filter or directly in the pitcher.

how to make cold brew iced tea

Step 2: Place the tea in 2 quarts of water and steep overnight in the refrigerator.

We love this 2-quart iced tea pitcher (the one pictured). It’s ideal because it has a large capacity and if you place the tea leaves directly inside, the pitcher has a built-in strainer that strains as you pour your cold brewed tea. Plus its wide opening makes it easy to clean.

how to make cold brew iced tea

Step 3: In the morning your iced tea will be ready!

If you put the tea leaves directly in the water, strain the tea when ready. Otherwise, just pour it in a glass and serve with ice!

how to make cold brew iced tea