Yoga Summer Maintenance

One of the countless things I love about summer is how the added heat and humidity makes my yoga practice feel even more cleansing, relaxing, and opening than usual. With the additional warmth and sun, however, also comes added precaution to take on the yoga mat as we’re at a greater risk of dehydration and overheating.

We hope the tips outlined in this blog can help you maintain a full and healthy practice all summer long.

The Sun

Yogasana, or yoga poses, should not be practiced in strong, direct sunlight. In addition to causing sunburn, the hot sun can cause our body to overheat, negatively affecting the internal benefits of the asana. For this reason, it’s also not advisable to practice yoga right after spending a lot of time in the sun. A little outdoor yoga in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is less powerful and the temperature cooler, however, is certainly safe. If you’d like to practice outside during midday, we suggest finding an area with sufficient shade – like under a beautiful tree.


I remember trying to take some yoga photos on this rooftop in Rishikesh, India in 2007. I didn’t last long as it was nearly 100 degrees outside!



Hydration is crucial! Lacking sufficient fluids can lead to cramping, a greater risk of muscle strain or tears, and dizziness. Therefore, be sure to drink enough water before practicing yoga. While I personally do not drink water during my practice, it’s ok to do so small quantities throughout if necessary. Just try to do so in between sequences, rather than in the middle of a pose.

Drink plenty of water after practice, too!


Fans and Air Conditioning 

Proper ventilation is key. For obvious reasons, it’s not advisable to practice in a stifling space. Likewise, it can be contraindicative to do yoga in an artificially cool environment, as excessive air conditioning can cause muscle tension and stiffness. Therefore, try to use it minimally. It’s also a lot for the body to transition back and forth between very hot and very cool surroundings, so you might want to pay attention to how much AC you used off the mat, too (not to mention using less is much better for the environment).

One of our favorite ways to battle the heat on the yoga mat and in our homes is with fans and open windows. Avoid practicing yoga directly in front of the fan though, as it can interfere with your breath and limit some of that great, detoxifying sweat!


Practice well!



by Sophie Slater