Thai Massage with Fran Ray

The other day, I was fortunate to receive a nourishing and absolutely reinvigorating table Thai massage from Fran Ray at Arogya.  I’m not surprised to report that I’m still feeling the benefits. Thai massage is a healing modality that incorporates acupressure, energy meridian work, compression, and yoga-like stretches together.  Fran also compliments her work with ashiatsu back walking, which is also called foot pressure massage.  In ashiatsu, Fran carefully uses her feet to massage the muscles along the spine, as well as the backs of the legs and soles of the feet, while supporting herself by two long bars attached to the ceiling.  This worked wonders in releasing my upper back, which was in need of extra love after a weekend of kayaking and playing tennis.

The acupressure Fran gave me was deep, rejuvenating, and restoring.  She focused a lot on points in my feet, around the skull, and throughout my face.  In fact, the work she did on my feet cleared congestion in my sinuses that I didn’t even know had been there.  In my opinion, this completely supports the fact that Thai massage is a form of preventative medicine.  Through stimulating the energetic meridians withing the body, circulation and lymphatic function are improved and, as a result, our immunity is strengthened.

As a yoga teacher, something else I love about Thai massage is the postural yoga incorporated throughout the work.  In addition to being a seasoned massage therapist, Fran is an experienced yoga teacher who prioritizes safe alignment and deep breath work.  Throughout our session, she confidently maneuvered my body through a number of hip and hamstring openers, nourishing knee adjustments, and a wonderful supported cobra variation.  It was healing to relax into each of these assisted stretches, which help improve flexibility and mobility – two essentials for helping the body stay resilient and resistant to injury.

Fran has a truly healing and intuitive touch, as well as a deep understanding of the human body.  She has committed herself to sharing the therapeutic art of massage since 1991.  Her love of yoga, which she began practicing at the age of 5, inspired her to study Thai Yoga Massage with many gifted teachers in the United States and Thailand, including Rose Griscome, Chongkol Setthakorn, Lek Chaya, Pierce Salguero, Pichest Boonthumme, Ananda Apfelbaum, and Pailin Winotaka.  She has completed 400 hours of Yoga Teacher training at the Yoga Institute of Houston with Lex Gillan and Raye Lynn Rath, and the Yoga Mandali Studio in New York City under the direction of Lisa Keays.  If you’re interested in learning more or experiencing a massage with Fran, please visit the massage portion of our website or call 203-226-2682.

I certainly look forward to my next session with her!



– Sophie Slater