Ramp Foraging 101

Something we look forward to every spring is foraging for ramps, a delightful and pleasantly pungent variety of wild allium. Ramps are actually one of the first edibles of the year, making them a welcomed site after a long winter in the Connecticut.  In essence, they are a symbol of rejuvenation and reminder of the warm months ahead. 

DSC_2623Also known as wild leeks, ramps can be found growing in moist forest areas, such as bordering a stream or in upland soils of hardwood forests.  Their season is very short, generally stretching from the end of April until mid to late May. Bright and early last Sunday, Sophie ventured out to procure ramps for a small dinner party she was hosting that evening.  Her trip and the 101 on ramp foraging was featured on the Martha Stewart blog.  We are excited to share it with you!