July Reflections

July is a very special month for me.  Perhaps because I was born in the midst of winter, I can see this time of year from a perspective of craving the longer days, the warm sun, the sense of Nature’s vitality, and the relaxed pace of life in the summer.  Since the regimented yearly school schedule is put on pause for several months, the summer provides us all with an opportunity to branch out and do something out of the norm.  It’s also a chance to embrace a more adventurous side of ourselves which can flourish and bring new surprises and reflective moments for us to ponder and learn from.  Like Nature itself, in all its growth and splendor, we too can grow and prosper in so many creative ways. morningglory

The past week, we have had the good fortune of being able to host 3 Chinese middle school girls, who are visiting Westport for the first time, as they take part in a cultural exchange program.  Though our cultures, customs, and countries are separated half-way across the globe, we have felt an immediate kinship and connection with one another, as the human heart knows no distances or boundaries.  Everywhere around the world, a smile is contagious and a loving intention reminds us all of our human community in a spiritual sense, where we know our deepest connections come from this recognition of Oneness.

This month is also special to me as it’s the time of Guru Poornima, marked by the full moon in July, commemorating our love, devotion, and gratitude to our teachers, our gurus, our mentors, our beacons of light who help shine the way to truth and spiritual realization.  In the spirit of reverence for all of life, and in deep thanks to all that contribute to our collective evolution on this planet, I wish you a most wonderful and celebratory summer,

– Wei