Iced Berry Blend Tea

Our organic berry blend is one of our favorite teas to serve over ice for a refreshing summer brew.   Made from raisins, hibiscus, cranberry, elderberry, and blackberry, it’s delicious as is or with a bit of lime juice and natural sweetener like honey or agave.


How to make 2 1/2 liters of Iced Berry Blend:  

  • Steep one handful of tea in 1/2 liter of freshly boiled water for 15 minutes. (We recommend using a good old mason jar with measurement markers).
  • Next, strain and pour the concentrate into a larger vessel with 2 liters of cool water, strain and serve over ice.  Add some lime and honey or agave if you please. Enjoy!

Note: Iced tea is meant to be made to taste and there is no wrong way to do it.  If your brew is too strong, add more water and ice.  If it’s too weak, add more concentrated tea.  Its that easy!