Hemp Oil and CBD Benefits

If you’ve had your ear to the wellness pavement, you’ll notice that CBD products are becoming more and more popular. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon to include CBD in everything from face masks to dog treats. There is even chatter that Coca-Cola is seeking to use the oil in a new soft drink formulation. With all the buzz about both cannabis- and hemp-derived CBD products, its difficult to know which products are the most effective and why.

There is a growing field of research that CBD has effectively helped countless individuals with pain relief, sleep support, and anxiety. The benefits of CBD used both topically and internally are due to the endocannabinoid system. Every organ in the human body is filled with neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids. They are located most prominently in the brain, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. This sophisticated system helps create homeostasis in the body – including temperature regulation, pain relief, hormonal balance, resistance to infection, and more. CBD oil contains biological compounds called cannabinoids that act like a “key” to unlock these neurotransmitters. The body receives cannabinoids as though they were a natural product of the body itself, and therefore creates a very harmonious response.

Not all CBD is Created Equal

There are two sources of CBD: Hemp and Cannabis. While cannabis is legal for recreational use in nine states (as of now), growing and selling industrialized hemp was legalized nationwide in the 2014 Farm Bill. While hemp has almost identical therapeutic compounds as cannabis, it lacks the THC which is responsible for the psychoactive effects (i.e. feeling “high”).

Furthermore, the source and growing methods are incredibly important. Hemp acts like a sponge to the soil, soaking up micronutrients and imbuing them in all parts of the plant. If hemp is grown amongst chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it will contain those toxic elements in its extracts. It is therefore very important to be using organically certified hemp oils.

Full Spectrum

Four CBD Oil Roll-on Bottles

Topical CBD & Essential Oil Blends

In Chinese Medicine, we place an emphasis on using the whole plant. The theory behind this is that within each plant is a complex system of complementary chemicals that work in synergy, creating a harmony. So while CBD is an effective extract, it is even more powerful when used within a full-spectrum hemp oil. At Arogya we use cold-pressed oil from the entire hemp plant that contains over 80 different cannabinoids, not just CBD.

Hemp is also a vehicle that enhances the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Our blends utilize a combination of healing oils that enhance overall health while also smelling great. To view our entire new collection of therapeutic oils, click here .

By Alyssa Crouse