Happy Chinese New Year

Welcome to the Year of Rooster! This celebration of new beginnings, and of spring to come, is a special time of year. While January 1st is a good post-holiday wake up call, Chinese New Year, for me, has more depth because it is tied to the greater cycles of nature and tradition. I still remember the excitement of wearing new clothes and finding the special red envelopes under my pillow. But I ask myself: how we can maintain a sense of everyday gratitude when we buy clothes and receive money all year round? How do we preserve our connection to nature if we are inside all the time? I can see the challenges with our modern lifestyle, yet there is always an opportunity to maintain an abundant mindset along with sincere gratitude and good habits.

This coming year honors the Fire Rooster, and it is destined to be action-packed! One needs to be careful of emotional reactivity. The Fire Rooster stirs things up, revealing deep-seated behavioral patterns that can interfere with our desire to act from our happiest, healthiest, and truest self. It’s a time to go deep within and face the demons that need to be healed in the light of awareness and compassion. Be bold and take charge of your life so that you have real solutions for your best health and well-being.

We wish everyone a year of prosperity, courage, interconnectedness, and joy! And may you harness the power of the Fire Rooster to transform your life for a happier, healthier you!

Happy New Year!