Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Earth Dog

On the new moon of February 16th, 2018, the year of the Earth Dog begins. The combination of earth and dog energy provides an invitation for thoughtful collaboration and to return to nature for healing.

Dogs are governed by nature, so spend more time outdoors, breathing in fresh air and receiving the gifts from the earth. In Chinese Medicine, the Earth element rules the muscles, so take care to develop muscle strength and avoid high-impact injury. This may be the best year to address any aches, pains, or inflammation with a healing massage or acupuncture treatment.

The Earth element is also affiliated with the spleen organ, so focus on caring for your digestion. Arogya has a variety of new cleanses and superfoods to help support positive change, and a new educational blog post about Gut Health. In Chinese medicine, sweet foods and drinks are healing for the spleen and stomach. However, the sweetness should come naturally from low-glycemic foods like fresh fruit, sweet grains, and root vegetables. Warming spices such as turmeric and cinnamon will help to increase your internal metabolism and circulation.

Dogs are social animals; they represent working as a team to bring about the best result. Dog years strengthen dedication, loyalty, and devotion to community. Dogs also are masters of territory and personal boundaries. As we exit last year we transition from the eccentric, wild, combative energies of the Fire Rooster, this year is about embracin

g a more grounded and harmonious spirit. Truth and justice with be strong undertones, and grassroots efforts for social change will be more effective.

The earth has natural rhythms and cycles, so sync your energy with the seasons. Spring of 2018 is an ideal time for planting seeds of intention to grow throughout the year. Cultivating these long-term goals you will yield harmonious results. Seeking new ideas for growth? Meditation is a great way to invite creative energy as it brings a sense of clarity, focus, and connection.

In this year of the Earth Dog, we wish all of you the confidence, trust, wisdom and clarity to step forward into your destiny. May this year be full of abundance, positive change and opportunities, and health.

Happy New Year! Or as is said in Chinese, “Xin Nian Kuai Le!”


By Wei Bertram

Drawing by Rose Bertram