Natural Deer Tick Repellent

After seeing so many Arogya patients dealing with Lyme disease over the past 18 years, I admit I get stressed when I visit the woods, even though it should be a calming and relaxing experience.  It’s terrifying how real the threat of tick exposure is- just last year, we pulled them off our daughter Rose’s skin 3 times.  As a result, ticks have become evil in my mind and I’m always researching ways to repel them.

This led me to create a very simple, chemical free repellent using apple cider vinegar, almond oil, rose geranium, and distilled water.  Research has show that ticks are repelled by the smell and acidic taste of apple cider vinegar.  The same is true of the rose geranium, which has a sweet yet pungent odor (you’ll probably find it quite pleasant!).  Almond oil contains sulfur, which is a natural repellent.  Its scent is also a deterrent.  Distilled water is best to use in place of tap water as it contains far fewer impurities and microorganisms.


Here’s how to make this deer tick repellent:



  1. In a large jar, mix the water and vinegar.  Add the almond oil and rose geranium oil.  Cover the jar and shake well.
  2. Pour into a spray bottle and apply before going outdoors.  Make sure to apply some to your ankles, arms, and neck/behind the ears.  You can even spray some into your hair.  Reapply every few hours as need.
  3. Don’t do your daily tick-check once you come home!


Important Note: While this natural solution repels ticks it is by no means a substitution for daily tick checks in areas where there’s a high occurrence of Lyme disease.  Important areas not to overlook when checking for ticks are ankles, behind the knees, thighs, groin area, upper arms/armpit area, neck, and behind the ears.  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Additional precautions to take to safe guard against tick bites are:

  • If you have pets that venture outside, check them for ticks when they come into the house.
  • If you’re spending a lot of time in the woods, make an effort to wear light colored clothing.  This makes ticks easy to see.  Long sleeves and pants tucked into higher socks can provide additional protection.  Also, tie back long loose hair or tuck it under a hat.


For more information on DIY repellents using other essential oils, check out this Arogya blog.

by Wei Bertram