An Herbal Tea for Lyme Disease

Living in Connecticut, and owning in a holistic healing center, I see so many cases of Lyme disease each year. Lyme disease is this lurking menace in our beloved forests that sometimes makes it difficult to enjoy nature at ease. In fact, our DIY recipe for Natural Deer Tick Repellent is our #1 most popular blog post! While taking precautions to prevent Lyme disease is of utmost importance, what if you’ve already contracted it? Western medicine offers extended rounds of antibiotics which sometimes leave the body depleted. In order to support our clients undergoing treatment, I formulated an herbal tea for Lyme disease with medicinal powerhouses including ginseng, goldenseal, and kelp.

This tea is a synthesis of nine herbs that together fight infection, cleanse the blood, restore and invigorate the body, repair tissue, tonify the immune system, and detoxify the liver. Here’s a look at the formula’s healing herbs:


  • purifies blood
  • cooling
  • anti-inflammatory
  • relieves headaches & fever

American Ginseng

  • adaptogen
  • stimulates immune system
  • strengthening


  • anti-biotic
  • anti-viral
  • anti-inflammatory
  • regulates liver function
  • fights infection
  • immune stimulating


  • high in silica
  • repairs joint tissue
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-microbial

Hawthorn Berry and Leaf

  • tonifying
  • immune support
  • rebuilds tissue & blood


  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-viral
  • anti-biotic
  • detoxifying

Marshmallow Root

  • rebuilds tissue & blood
  • reduces inflammation of gastric mucosa

Red Clover

  • anti-inflammatory
  • detoxifying
  • cleansing

Milk Thistle

  • liver-cleansing
  • liver-protective


Important note: This tea is designed to be used in conjunction with medical treatment, not as a replacement.


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By Wei Bertram