Welcoming Summer

Summer is around the corner. The other day I was speaking with Laura Wittmer, who is a teacher at a Waldorf School, an educational system that aims to inspire creative thinking and a holistic passion for learning. We were discussing the importance of not over scheduling children’s summer vacations. She highlighted the value of allowing time for rest, reading books, gazing at the clouds, hanging out by the water, taking a break from electronic devices, and simply being imaginative.
I cherish this patient time I had as a child growing up in China. I found fulfillment watching people as they walked by on the street, listening to different kinds of birds singing, and even enjoying the sound of the falling rain. I’m grateful for those spacious days, which allowed me time to be present and actively explore my own imagination. I know this has nurtured my ability to be more creative and perceptive as an adult.

With this in mind, I wish us all a relaxing and restorative summer,