Staying Healthy and Vibrant During Late Summer

As the summer sun continues to shine and the summer squash in our gardens becomes overly abundant, we find ourselves in a special time of the year.  In the Chinese system, late summer, or sometimes called Indian summer, is a brief but important time.  Each one of the seasons is associated with an element and the late summer season is associated with the Earth Element. Late summer is a time to celebrate the beginning of the harvest and the richness of the earth’s bounties as we prepare for the autumn.  As this is a transition period, it is very important to stay centered in one’s self and grounded to the earth.  


Late Summer Health Tips

One of the most important ways to stay grounded during this Earth Element time is to eat healthily and mindfully.  In Chinese medicine, the stomach and spleen are the organs associated with the Earth element and there are many things we can do to nourish our stomach and spleen and bring them back into balance.


Here are some important eating and lifestyle tips for Late Summer:

  • Enjoy light and detoxifying fresh-made juices from fruits and vegetables


  • Chew slowly, allowing for your body’s natural functions to digest and assimilate your food.


  • Eat in moderation.  Do not overeat, especially limiting rich foods such as meats, dairy, starches, sweets, and alcohol. These foods are very heavy and heating, which can be aggravating to our systems when the temperature is hot also.  In American culture, late summer can be a time of enjoying such foods as hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, and alcohol.  Remember that these foods should be consumed in moderation, especially in late summer.


  • Nourish yourself with cooling and seasonal foods, like organic berries, seeds, sprouts, and steamed vegetables.


  • Practice a simple grounded exercise if you are feeling stressed, rushed, or chaotic.  A simple grounding exercise can be simply sitting and taking some deep breaths, or using your five senses to quietly observe your surroundings.

  • Be mindful of sun exposure and remember to take time in the shade and stay hydrated.


  • Add cucumber and basil to your water or a slice of lemon, lime, or orange.


  • Drink teas that are both cooling and tonifying for the digestive system, such as chamomile, peppermint, and Arogya Detox Blend.  All of these teas make great hot teas or iced teas to keep in your refrigerator for when you are looking for a refreshing beverage. 

Tea for healthy digestion can be found on our website and you can learn how to make a wonderfully cooling iced tea on our blog post.


If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine and how it can help you, please feel welcome to call Arogya and schedule an appointment with our acupuncturist, Gregor Bertram.

Hope you have a happy and healthy rest of your summer!

by Alison Larocca