Holistic Gifts for Father’s Day

The holistic approach tends to be marketed towards women with a focus primarily on the female body. However, men can benefit just as much from a holistic approach to health.

Many men experience complications as they age and are hard on their bodies on a day-to-day basis. Some of the biggest complaints are memory loss, lack of focus, muscle tightness, and trouble unwinding at night. Holistic health is good for every body. With Father’s Day quickly approaching here are some holistic gift ideas to celebrate the dads in your life.



Green tea, such as Matcha powder, is a great way to start the morning with its nice kick of caffeine that jumpstarts the metabolism and awakens the senses. An Oxford academic study found that men who drink green tea regularly had almost a 50% lower chance of acquiring prostate cancer over the years.

Oolong tea contains disease-fighting antioxidants, and the caffeine and L-theanine work as mood boosters, promoting concentration, memory, and inner peace. Plum Oolong is wonderful for an afternoon pick-me-up. Pro tip: try it iced!

Herbal tea is a nice way to unwind from the day and has been traditionally consumed after meals to promote digestion and relaxation. Some great after-meal herbal teas include Digestive Aid and Lemon Mint.

Does dad have a sweet tooth? Rooibos and Hibiscus are great for men. Rooibos cleanses the liver, improves muscle recovery, and boosts blood circulation. Hibiscus helps level out blood pressure and reduces the effects of aging. Both are naturally sweet and guilt-free!



There is no doubt that men and women both can benefit from acupuncture sessions. Who doesn’t love the idea of improved mood, sleep, and pain reduction? Men can further benefit from an athletic performance and recovery standpoint. Acupuncture reduces inflammation in the body, relieves muscle tightness/pain, improves range of motion, and stimulates tissue repair. This will leave dad feeling relaxed, repaired, and ready for a new day.



Does dad like to play golf? Yoga can significantly help a golfer of any level. With a focus on stability and mobility, yoga will build upper body strength while bringing fresh oxygen to the tight muscles in the body through deep breathing. Working on balance is key for golfers; the smallest amount of wind or uneven ground can throw a performer off. Balance only comes with practice, and yoga offers incredible tools for improving and cultivating this skill. Lastly, yoga helps develop functional flexibility, which could be the most important fitness component. Golfers need to have a controlled range of motion in their swing. When flexibility is built you gain speed and better accuracy, resulting in a better game.


Oil Diffuser

Having an oil diffuser in the office can do wonders for the mood and morale of the workplace. Arogya created In Sync, an essential oil blend with this environment specifically in mind. With powerhouse ingredients like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Bergamot, and Lavender there is no doubt dad will feel a sense of grounding, motivation, and inspiration. Diffusing essential oil creates a serene atmosphere and purifies the air. Helping promote clean, fresh deep breaths, which in turn brings clarity to the mind. Arogya has a wide variety of essential oils; there is a scent for every type of dad!


By Tracy Ambrosecchio, RYT