Behind the scent: Shanghai 1935

Many ask about this scent when they visit Arogya in Westport…

Shanghai 1935 is the cornerstone of Arogya Scents created by Wei Huang Bertram. It is a blend of Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Geranium, Frankincense, and Myrrh essential oils. This scent is now available as a perfume (full size and travel), candle, and soap from our line of handmade lifestyle products.

About the scent of Shanghai 1935:

In 1935, Shanghai was a blooming epicenter of cultural exchange and innovation. Western sophistication and technological influence intermingled with Chinese tradition; where novel means of creativity found harmony amidst classical craftsmanship and ancient wisdom.

The time was one of admiration for the avant-garde for my hometown- yet with roots still intact and connected to the natural world for this generation. It was a period of contemplation and romance amidst  busy crossroads. Hence, this blend of Asian oils is inspired by Shanghai’s zeitgeist of 1935.

Here, the elegant combination of notes is blended without the use of any synthetic chemicals or additives; only carefully selected essential oils. Through scent we are harnessing the purity and power of nature in flowers and plants.

The result is an alchemical expression of enlightenment and finesse for our modern times. I am so proud to share with you this exclusive scent of Shanghai 1935.

 – Wei